6 Features of Ignatius Enclave Homes

When you’re a parent, there are a lot of factors you should consider when choosing a home.

Children’s growth and development are usually affected by the environment that they live in. There is also the need to ensure safety and security. Thus, it’s crucial for you to choose a location that you know suits your family’s, especially the children’s, needs.

Cagayan de Oro is a growing city. More families from nearby cities are moving to the city in the hopes of a better life, a fresh start, or a change in scenery. As the city grows, there’s no denying that there is also an increase in demands for homes that are well-suited for families and children.

Such need for more homes is what fueled A Brown Company, Inc. to develop and open Xavier Estates Phase – 6 Ignatius Enclave. This subdivision is where families moving to Cagayan de Oro City can find comfortable and beautiful house and lots for sale.

Here are the features of the homes in Ignatius Enclave and what makes them the optimum choice for families.

#1 Houses Sufficiently Spaced
Neighbors are undeniably a need in every community. However, having your home directly beside theirs can be a hassle.

There’s a possibility they’ll hear and know everything that goes around your home and vice versa. This means less privacy.

There’s also the hassle of belongings such as outdoor furniture or the laundry getting mixed up with theirs, especially if there’s no barrier. The houses in Ignatius Enclave, however, are sufficiently spaced enough from each other, giving more room for privacy.

#2 An Own Parking Space
Vehicles are crucial for many families, especially those with more than one child. These days, finding a readymade home in the city with its own parking space can be difficult.

It is also unsafe to merely park your car right outside. It will also become an inconvenience as it blocks the road and moving vehicles around the area. With Ignatius Enclave homes, you get your own safe parking space for your vehicle.

#3 A Gated Community
There’s no denying that the city has a lot of threats such as thieves, kidnappers, and imposters. Living in a home without security makes it easier for these criminals to threaten your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your children.

This is why Ignatius Enclave is gated and secured, ensuring you are safe from these threats and that every person who comes in is a friend or relative.

#4 Flood-Free
There are inevitable days where the rain is heavy and floods happen. This can be a nuisance especially when the water comes into your home. Luckily, the community of Ignatius Enclave is located in Upper Balulang, an area that is very much flood-free.

#5 Minutes Away from Major Establishments
It’s crucial to find a home that’s near to malls, churches, and most importantly, schools. This makes it easier to go to the mall when there is something that needs to be bought immediately.

It’s also essential to live in a location easily accessible to schools so that the children can easily be brought in the mornings and fetched in the afternoons or when there are emergencies.

#6 Well-Developed Infrastructure
Each home in Ignatius Enclave is well-developed and painted in vibrant colors of orange, yellow, green and blue as a reflection of a Happy Community concept. The roads are also ten to twelve meters wide, making it easier for vehicles to move in and out of homes.

With all these features, there’s no doubt that families will find Ignatius Enclave as the most optimal choice in finding a home in Cagayan De Oro City.



5 Factors To Think About Before Getting A New Home

Purchasing or building a new home can be a tough task, even at the best of time. In today’s real estate market, buyers now have lots of things to consider when searching for the perfect home to purchase. With so many choices it is necessary to understand and find some factors to ensure that you get your dream home. Furthermore, where you choose to build or buy your home plays a huge role in your ability to accommodate both future and present needs. More importantly, it also has some impact on your finances and environment. When choosing a new home, here are factors you need to consider.

As the famous real estate adage goes: Location, location, location. The area of a building can make a huge difference in the livability and value. Moreover, it is not easy to relocate to a new building, so it is preferable to consider the location of the home first before you fall in love with the property. You can’t afford to buy a dream house without considering the proximity of your workplace, the establishments, and even your children’s school. A Brown Company, Inc. is one of the largest builders and developers in Cagayan de Oro and offers a house and lot for sale in various parts of the city.

After carefully selecting the location of your new home, what’s next for you to do is to gauge the price range that is comfortable with your budget, a budget that you’re willing to spend and work with. It is all about knowing the exact amount you are ready to put into buying, renting and maintaining the house. You also have to consider your cost for groceries, gasoline, electricity, taxes, and water. It is also advisable for you to ask yourself questions such as ”Will I have to sell my former house before I can afford it? Which property will fit my budget? What home size will fit my need?” By thinking about these, you will be able to choose a house that will not negatively affect your wallet.

Create a layout of your plans and understand what you want. Whether your priority is the beauty of the building or the living style, it is essential to ensure that you purchase a house you will be glad to pull up to daily. Since style and beauty are the most captivating parts of a building, choosing a style of architecture that blends in with your personality is critical.

Security is one of the key factors you need to decide on when you are starting your hunt for a great real estate. You can begin by looking out for communities in areas that have low crime rate with an excellent safety reputation. Although a house in a neighborhood with tight security might be more expensive, it’s well going to worth the investment.

One of the most rewarding parts of purchasing a home are the designs and the features. Hence, you should consider the size of the house, the number of bedrooms you would prefer to have, as well as extra rooms such as a study or recreational room. All in all, you take into consideration the mix of architecture, color style, and other custom features you desire.

Such factors are what A Brown Company, Inc. also keep in mind when developing real estates and housing developments. Our latest project, Ignatius Enclave in Upper Balulang, is a recommended choice for many homeowners. A drive to significant establishments such as schools, malls, and churches only takes 3 kilometers. It is also gated and secured, offering safety to its residents. More importantly, its designs and features make use of modern housing concepts and are painted in colorful and vibrant hues of blue, green, orange, and yellow. Truly, it is a home where a family can feel safe and comfortable.


5 Reasons To Visit The Outdoors More Often

We now live in the technological age and most of us can’t do without technology in our day to day activity. Whether it’s work, connecting on social media, taking care of the home, cooking, or watching our favorite shows on television, we now spend most of our time indoors due to technology. A few decades ago, no one would imagine that humans could survive without having much contact with the outdoors. However, it is necessary that we come in contact with nature more to live a healthy and well-balanced life. Furthermore, a lot of time indoors can have a negative impact on your health and on your family members. Here are five reasons to go out and have some fun outdoors.

Improve Family and Friendship Ties

One of the places where you can hang out and connect with friends and family is the outdoors. It could be in parks, vineyards, highlands, mountains or even the garden outside your house. The Cagayan de Oro real estate development has different sceneries perfect to give you the outdoor time that you need. Xavier Estates Phase V-B and Teakwood Hills are Cagayan de Oro real estate with houses for sale are examples of where you can have fun while enjoying the best of nature.

Better Sleep

By spending more time indoors, you are isolating your body from the natural source of the body’s natural rhythms. Sunlight has a lot to do with your natural circadian rhythm and the hormone melatonin. Furthermore, a study has shown that sunlight helps in setting our body’s internal clock. It is also essential to get around 30-60 minutes of direct exposure to sunlight in other to improve sleeping patterns.

Boosts Mental Energy

Have you ever had the feeling where it seems like your brain has a hard time processing your thoughts and actions? It is called mental fatigue. One thing that will help you align your brain and mind together is exposing it to restorative environments away from the city. A study has discovered that people regained their energy by just looking at a picture of nature, whereas looking at photos of cities had no such effect. Furthermore, the study also observed that a scenic view could induce the spirit of wellness and it’s one of the surest ways to experience a good mental boost.

Prevent You From Indoor Air Pollution

Some people have the notion that the best way to prevent oneself from pollution is to stay indoors. However, that is not entirely right. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recent researches have pointed out that some pollutants are much more concentrated and higher in the indoors than the outdoors. In fact, it is ironic that indoor pollutants are among the top five environmental risks to public health. Even though getting fresher air into the building will help, it is quintessential for you to get out a little bit more every day. If you are experiencing symptoms like stinging eyes, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, breathing problems, and itchy throat, you need to visit the outdoors more often and breathe in some natural air.

Stress Reliever

Most of us cope and manage with stress in different ways. What we often forget is that even a view that isn’t the city can offer us the easiest way to relieve stress. Next time you’re feeling stressed or tensed, head for a view of lush greens or vast blue seas. Additionally, there was a study which discovered that students who were sent into the forest for camping for two days had lower stress than those who stayed in the city at that time. Even looking at a scenic view out of a window has been linked with higher job success and lower stress.

If you are a resident of Cagayan de Oro or looking into getting a home in the city, you don’t have to worry about finding a picturesque view. Xavier Estates Phase V-B offers a flat terrain that overlooks the beautiful Cagayan de Oro River. Likewise, Teakwood Hills in Barangay Agusan overlooks the blue waters of Macajalar Bay and Bukidnon’s cascading hills. With A Brown Company, Inc.’s real estate developments, you don’t have to go far from your home to get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors.


Buying New Homes In Cagayan de Oro

Every sector is changing at a rapid pace. Most people will consider older homes to newer ones because they are much more affordable. However, that’s not entirely true anymore. Increase in the cost of land has reduced the size of new homes. Cagayan de Oro’s real estate scene has changed, and one would see smart and beautiful homes close to each other. Compared to older buildings with redwood and dry walls, newer homes now have pine framing and engineered woods for fences. Thus, making the cost of buildings these days even lower. New and entry-level households created in desirable neighborhoods are beautiful and conducive for most people looking for new homes. Here are the advantages of getting a new home in a Cagayan de Oro real estate.

Beautiful Interior and Exterior Decorations
For every new building or house built, it is lovely, modern and has trending decors used for both the interior and the exterior decorations. Radiant and happy colors are always bound to please the eye and are still used for the interior decorations. Furthermore, the materials used for the exterior are creative and will undoubtedly motivate you to get yourself a new home.

Advanced Technology
New Cagayan de Oro Houses are now fitted with modernized standard items such as built-in dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators. The Ignatius Enclave in Cagayan de Oro features a master bedroom with a verandah, bright kitchen, and walk-in bathroom. In addition, the wiring systems are networked. The improved energy efficiency plans can also help you save money on electricity. Moreover, new appliances consume less energy. Furthermore, the floors, ceilings, and walls are well insulated.

Easy Maintenance Practice
Maintaining a new building does not involve stressful tasks because most of the instruments, equipment, and facilities are meant to last for longer years. As a new owner, you don’t have to worry about fixing clogged pipes, replacing water heaters or fixing anything, at least not for the next ten to fifteen years.

The Newness Factor
It is always exciting to own something that has never been used and brand new, whether it’s a new gadget or a new car. Buying a new home gives you a positive and more productive environment. More importantly, the feeling is energizing, and it gives you the strength to do more.

Updated Codes and Standards
Consumer safety issues and coder regulations are addressed continually. Owning a new Cagayan de Oro property, especially one of the Ignatius Enclave homes, will assure you that your new home complies with the latest building codes.

Fire Safety Features
Newly built homes are equipped with advanced modern fire retardants in insulations and carpeting, unlike most old and less new houses. Builders nowadays hard-wire smoke and hard carbon monoxides detectors to the building offering new owners the option to avoid installing less-dependable battery-powered detectors. A lot of builders now back up hard-wired detectors with the battery in case of electrical outages.

Individual home buyers primarily make the decision to choose used homes or newly built homes. In order to make the right choice of the right house to buy in Cagayan de Oro, check out the features of the new homes in the Ignatius Enclave real estate. It is the latest project by A Brown Company, Inc., one of Cagayan de Oro’s most trusted real estate and home developers. It has homes in vibrant colors of yellow, orange, green, and blue, providing the homeowners with a happy environment. The estate is also only a three-kilometer drive away from major establishments such as malls, churches, and schools, making it an optimum choice for families. Indeed, happy memories should begin at home, and that is what St. Ignatius Enclave can provide homeowners.


5 Must Have Features For Your New Home

When you are planning to buy or build a new home, some features need to be considered as high priority. For instance, you may want some square footage or rooms. The real estate industries are changing day by day, and environmentally friendly and energy-conscious materials are now becoming must haves for most builders and home buyers. These new materials also provide more convenience, space, and generally reduce electric consumption. When consumers approve a particular choice of design, the options becomes essential for other builders and buyers alike. Below is a list of the must-have features for your next home.

Tankless Water Heater

This equipment is the perfect choice for homeowners who struggle with heating water and for those who want to lessen their electricity consumption. Furthermore, with this equipment, you no longer have to wait for your traditional water heater to reheat and refill before you can have your next bath or shower. Additionally, the wall-mounted tankless version takes up only a small fraction of the space, unlike the traditional water heater. Hence, you could save money and maximize the space in your bathroom at the same time.

Whole House Vacuum System

The entire house vacuum system is quite similar to conduit plumbing. Pipes can be fitted from room to room in such a way that all the pipes connect with the central connection canister. This central connection canister can then be located anywhere in the building or maybe the garage. Next, a powerful motor will allow you to plug a sweeper and a hose to a special outing in every room. You can say goodbye to a vacuum cleaner with aggravating dust.

Neighborhood Amenities

When you are choosing where to build or purchase your new home, it is necessary you know more about the amenities that the community and the area can offer. Does it have a swimming pool, clubhouses, parks, and playground? By choosing the community with facilities that will fit your lifestyle, you will lead a healthier and happier life. Additionally, it will give you more time to enjoy the soft and refreshing breeze of nature and the outdoors without having to leave the safety and comfort of your home.

Stingy Shower Heads

Rather than the conventional shower head that blasts you with a huge amount of valuable water within a short period of time, this showerhead will help you reduce the amount of water to encourage lesser flow of water. Another advantage is that you not only save water, you also save more on your electricity bill!

Versatile Toilet

Instead of the one flush fits all models popularly used, consider the dual flush toilet. This kind of flush toilet offers two choices for homeowners. First, one button uses less water to flush. Another button then uses more water to flush. All in all, the dual toilet flush allows you to clear your environmental conscience and reduce your bill at the same time.

While these features are essential, there are also more features that come with the homes in Cagayan de Oro properties such as Xavier Estates. It is a development made by A Brown Company, Inc. We are one of the biggest real estate and housing developers in Northern Mindanao. More importantly, Xavier Estates’ area is also located in an upper level, making it completely safe and free from floods. The estate is also perfect for homeowners and families looking for amenities they can enjoy within their community. The estate has a sports and country club, swimming pools, and a convention center that can be rented out for special occasions. Truly, it is a wonderful and ideal home and community for those who wish to live in a secured and comfortable community.


5 Ways Young Professionals Can Save Up For A New Home

In Filipino culture, it is common for families to be tightly knit. Due to this norm, most children stay with their parents unless they decide to move out, get a job in another place, or get married. Most parents also prefer having their children stay to remain close with them and to help them save money. Aside from that, living with parents in the childhood home also gives a feeling of familiarity.

However, some disadvantages may come along with it. Firstly, children, despite being of age, might stay dependent on their parents. Secondly, there are higher chances of arguments within the family especially since the children will learn to have opinions and decisions that might be different from their parents’. Lastly, there will be little to no room for privacy and personal space.

In the Philippines, some young adults have started living on their own despite being fresh out of college and in their early twenties. On the other hand, there are others who are unable to because of financial incapability. Despite having jobs, some are unable to move out because their income may not be enough. There are also other young adults whose salaries and priorities are focused on helping with the bills at home or their siblings’ tuition fees to give back to their parents.

However, these obligations and traditions should not become a hindrance to young adults when it comes to buying a house. Here are some ways young professionals can save up for their own house:

#1 Figure Out How Much You Need
Find out how much down payment and other additional charges will cost when first purchasing a home. After doing so, you’ll be able to adjust and gauge how much you need to save every payday.

#2 Keep Track of Expenses
It is a good idea always to list down what you’re spending on every day. This will let you see which items and commodities are unnecessary and are costing you a lot.

#3 Save and Be Minimalistic
Millennials and young adults are more susceptible to spending more. This is because of the rise of many new brands, gadgets, new restaurants, and fashion trends.

Spending money on these items also becomes more tempting with social media where posting what you recently purchased or how your Instagram feed looks has become synonymous with social status. However, young professionals need to be reminded to focus more on needs and not wants.

Opt for bringing your baon for lunch or eating at your local karenderya instead of eating at fast food chains and expensive restaurants (which are also less healthy than home-made meals). Choose a ten-peso sachet of coffee instead of visiting a coffee shop daily. Avoid buying items that aren’t necessarily needed such as new gadgets, accessories, or shoes.

#4 Make a Budget Plan
To help achieve number 3, you can create a budget plan where you tabulate your income, how much you should spend for basic needs, savings for your down payment, and a little bit of extra for yourself. This budget plan should be followed as much as possible so that you don’t overspend or lose track of the necessities that should be paid and prioritized.

#5 Boost Income
There are many ways to increase your savings and income, and one of those ways is to make use of free your time for a side-job. While you’re still young and have the energy, use your free time to earn instead of spending every weekend out with your friends, shopping and dining.

You can even search for part-time jobs online. If you have hobbies such as sewing, knitting, painting, or tutoring, you can use your weekends to provide these services to people who need them.

In sum, saving up for a new house should become a choice and a priority for young adults. While you’re still young and are starting to earn your own money, save up because a house is a lifetime investment while additional material objects and trends do not last for long.

In Cagayan de Oro, A Brown Company Inc. specializes in real estate and has houses for sale that are an excellent choice for young professionals. One of these is Ignatius Enclave, Xavier Estates Phase 6. It is located in Upper Balulang and opened this year last June.

The modern home has an upper floor with a master’s bedroom with its own toilet and bath, walk-in closet, and veranda. The top floor also has one additional bedroom. The lower level has an extra bedroom, a toilet and bath, and a dining area with a sliding door that leads to the garden. The home also has its own parking space, and the location is also flood-free, gated, and is accessible to establishments, schools, and churches.

Save up for your own home and make us your optimum choice, visit our website http://www.abrown.ph/ for more information.


5 Features of the Modern Minimalist Home

They say that home is where the heart is. This is true to some extent as the home is where the family resides.

It is also where we spend much of our time to rest after a long day at school or at work. That’s why we always say we can’t wait to go home after a long and exhausting day.

We also feel safest when we are at home because of our family and our personal space surround us. We also look forward to coming home because it is where our belongings are too.

However, having too many items and less space in our home can get quite annoying, and we might end up hating our area instead of enjoying it. Hence, getting a home that maximizes and adequately utilizes space should be a priority for families, both old and new.

Home designs are just like fashion. They change according to what’s trending and according to what’s needed.

Nowadays, minimalist home designs are what’s in, and space has been made an essential aspect for homes these days. This means that less furniture is being more preferred inside the house.

Due to this trend, many pieces of furniture have also been designed to be easily movable, foldable, and usable for other purposes. All in all, the modern home only has furniture and items that are needed and designs that are more timeless.

Furthermore, the modern home also has these features:

#1 Simple Form
Modern homes are mostly square, and rectangle spaces and upper floors are stacked above the levels below.

#2 Open and Light
Most modern homes have large glass windows that easily let the light inside in areas such as the kitchen, living room, and doors towards the terraces. Matted glass is then usually installed in more private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

#3 Wooden and Marble Textures with Neutral Colors
A lot of modern homes have wooden or marble texture finish on their items of furniture such as kitchen cabinets and drawers. These elements can also be found by the staircases and in the walls of the living room.

These elements are then finished in neutral colors such as white, black, brown, or grey which are definitely timeless and will most likely still look visually pleasing in future trends. These kinds of textures and colors can also be easily matched with any color of furniture and other home items.

#4 Bare Floors
Modern homes usually forego carpets and floor coverings since these can be very hard to clean. They can also be quite expensive especially when you plan on covering the entire floor of your home.

However, bare floors are so much easier to clean and easily match your home’s overall aesthetic. With carpeted floors, you have to find the perfect color and pattern that won’t clash with your home’s design. Bare floors in modern homes are usually made of polished hardwood, marble, or tiles.

#5 Contemporary Exterior Details
You might have noticed that a lot of old homes have gates and pillars that are grandiose with their floral or swirling patterns. Others even have large cursive letters of the family’s last name initials on their gates and fences.

However, modern minimalist homes do not usually incorporate these kinds of features. Instead, they make use of horizontal or vertical pillars that are painted in neutral colors.

All in all, the modern and minimalist home design is suitable for new families and old families who wish to start anew with a new home.

In Cagayan de Oro City, there are new, modern and minimalist properties with these features from A Brown Company, Inc. We are a company that specializes in real estate developments that are also nature-themed and follows the concept of a well-planned integrated community. We are also the company behind the development of Xavier Estates, Xavier Estates Phase V-B, Teakwood Hills, and Coral Resort Estates in Northern Mindanao. Additionally, our properties are picturesque, heavily guarded, highly elevated and flood-free, filled with greenery, parks and playgrounds, and are near major establishments. Get your own modern and minimalist home, find out what we have to offer you here http://www.abrown.ph/.


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