5 Ways Young Professionals Can Save Up For A New Home

In Filipino culture, it is common for families to be tightly knit. Due to this norm, most children stay with their parents unless they decide to move out, get a job in another place, or get married. Most parents also prefer having their children stay to remain close with them and to help them save money. Aside from that, living with parents in the childhood home also gives a feeling of familiarity.

However, some disadvantages may come along with it. Firstly, children, despite being of age, might stay dependent on their parents. Secondly, there are higher chances of arguments within the family especially since the children will learn to have opinions and decisions that might be different from their parents’. Lastly, there will be little to no room for privacy and personal space.

In the Philippines, some young adults have started living on their own despite being fresh out of college and in their early twenties. On the other hand, there are others who are unable to because of financial incapability. Despite having jobs, some are unable to move out because their income may not be enough. There are also other young adults whose salaries and priorities are focused on helping with the bills at home or their siblings’ tuition fees to give back to their parents.

However, these obligations and traditions should not become a hindrance to young adults when it comes to buying a house. Here are some ways young professionals can save up for their own house:

#1 Figure Out How Much You Need
Find out how much down payment and other additional charges will cost when first purchasing a home. After doing so, you’ll be able to adjust and gauge how much you need to save every payday.

#2 Keep Track of Expenses
It is a good idea always to list down what you’re spending on every day. This will let you see which items and commodities are unnecessary and are costing you a lot.

#3 Save and Be Minimalistic
Millennials and young adults are more susceptible to spending more. This is because of the rise of many new brands, gadgets, new restaurants, and fashion trends.

Spending money on these items also becomes more tempting with social media where posting what you recently purchased or how your Instagram feed looks has become synonymous with social status. However, young professionals need to be reminded to focus more on needs and not wants.

Opt for bringing your baon for lunch or eating at your local karenderya instead of eating at fast food chains and expensive restaurants (which are also less healthy than home-made meals). Choose a ten-peso sachet of coffee instead of visiting a coffee shop daily. Avoid buying items that aren’t necessarily needed such as new gadgets, accessories, or shoes.

#4 Make a Budget Plan
To help achieve number 3, you can create a budget plan where you tabulate your income, how much you should spend for basic needs, savings for your down payment, and a little bit of extra for yourself. This budget plan should be followed as much as possible so that you don’t overspend or lose track of the necessities that should be paid and prioritized.

#5 Boost Income
There are many ways to increase your savings and income, and one of those ways is to make use of free your time for a side-job. While you’re still young and have the energy, use your free time to earn instead of spending every weekend out with your friends, shopping and dining.

You can even search for part-time jobs online. If you have hobbies such as sewing, knitting, painting, or tutoring, you can use your weekends to provide these services to people who need them.

In sum, saving up for a new house should become a choice and a priority for young adults. While you’re still young and are starting to earn your own money, save up because a house is a lifetime investment while additional material objects and trends do not last for long.

In Cagayan de Oro, A Brown Company Inc. specializes in real estate and has houses for sale that are an excellent choice for young professionals. One of these is Ignatius Enclave, Xavier Estates Phase 6. It is located in Upper Balulang and opened this year last June.

The modern home has an upper floor with a master’s bedroom with its own toilet and bath, walk-in closet, and veranda. The top floor also has one additional bedroom. The lower level has an extra bedroom, a toilet and bath, and a dining area with a sliding door that leads to the garden. The home also has its own parking space, and the location is also flood-free, gated, and is accessible to establishments, schools, and churches.

Save up for your own home and make us your optimum choice, visit our website http://www.abrown.ph/ for more information.



5 Features of the Modern Minimalist Home

They say that home is where the heart is. This is true to some extent as the home is where the family resides.

It is also where we spend much of our time to rest after a long day at school or at work. That’s why we always say we can’t wait to go home after a long and exhausting day.

We also feel safest when we are at home because of our family and our personal space surround us. We also look forward to coming home because it is where our belongings are too.

However, having too many items and less space in our home can get quite annoying, and we might end up hating our area instead of enjoying it. Hence, getting a home that maximizes and adequately utilizes space should be a priority for families, both old and new.

Home designs are just like fashion. They change according to what’s trending and according to what’s needed.

Nowadays, minimalist home designs are what’s in, and space has been made an essential aspect for homes these days. This means that less furniture is being more preferred inside the house.

Due to this trend, many pieces of furniture have also been designed to be easily movable, foldable, and usable for other purposes. All in all, the modern home only has furniture and items that are needed and designs that are more timeless.

Furthermore, the modern home also has these features:

#1 Simple Form
Modern homes are mostly square, and rectangle spaces and upper floors are stacked above the levels below.

#2 Open and Light
Most modern homes have large glass windows that easily let the light inside in areas such as the kitchen, living room, and doors towards the terraces. Matted glass is then usually installed in more private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

#3 Wooden and Marble Textures with Neutral Colors
A lot of modern homes have wooden or marble texture finish on their items of furniture such as kitchen cabinets and drawers. These elements can also be found by the staircases and in the walls of the living room.

These elements are then finished in neutral colors such as white, black, brown, or grey which are definitely timeless and will most likely still look visually pleasing in future trends. These kinds of textures and colors can also be easily matched with any color of furniture and other home items.

#4 Bare Floors
Modern homes usually forego carpets and floor coverings since these can be very hard to clean. They can also be quite expensive especially when you plan on covering the entire floor of your home.

However, bare floors are so much easier to clean and easily match your home’s overall aesthetic. With carpeted floors, you have to find the perfect color and pattern that won’t clash with your home’s design. Bare floors in modern homes are usually made of polished hardwood, marble, or tiles.

#5 Contemporary Exterior Details
You might have noticed that a lot of old homes have gates and pillars that are grandiose with their floral or swirling patterns. Others even have large cursive letters of the family’s last name initials on their gates and fences.

However, modern minimalist homes do not usually incorporate these kinds of features. Instead, they make use of horizontal or vertical pillars that are painted in neutral colors.

All in all, the modern and minimalist home design is suitable for new families and old families who wish to start anew with a new home.

In Cagayan de Oro City, there are new, modern and minimalist properties with these features from A Brown Company, Inc. We are a company that specializes in real estate developments that are also nature-themed and follows the concept of a well-planned integrated community. We are also the company behind the development of Xavier Estates, Xavier Estates Phase V-B, Teakwood Hills, and Coral Resort Estates in Northern Mindanao. Additionally, our properties are picturesque, heavily guarded, highly elevated and flood-free, filled with greenery, parks and playgrounds, and are near major establishments. Get your own modern and minimalist home, find out what we have to offer you here http://www.abrown.ph/.


9 Qualities You Should Look For In a Neighborhood

Finding a brand new home is a priority for most families. When finding a house, most families will look into the home’s design, structure, and size. However, there is another factor that should be considered by everyone when finding and purchasing a home. One of these is the neighborhood that the house is situated in.

The family and other residents will be constantly exposed to the neighborhood. Hence, it is imperative that it should make all residents feel comfortable.

Here are some of the good qualities of a neighborhood that your potential home should have:

#1 Accessibility
It is crucial that you choose a home that is easily accessible by public transport such as jeepneys. This is even more crucial for families who do not have their own vehicles.

#2 Good Neighbors
It is unfortunate that both local and international media have portrayed neighbors as intrusive and nosy. It is an even sadder truth that this is a reality in some places, especially in the Philippines. When choosing a home, take note of how the people in the neighborhood react to your family’s presence and if they give off a genuinely welcoming vibe. Humans are social beings. Hence it’s crucial to find a community with a neighborhood that is warm and inviting.

#3 A Matching Lifestyle
The homes and their residents and the overall structure of the neighborhood should match your preferred lifestyle. This is to avoid being way-over-the-top or vice versa among your neighbors which may give you and your family a bad image.

#4 Access to Establishments
The neighborhood should be close to establishments such as malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment spots. This is so that the family can easily buy their needs especially during emergencies. Being close to malls, restaurants, and entertainment spots also means more opportunities for the family to bond during free time.

#5 Access to Hospitals
A good community should be near hospitals in case of emergencies.

#6 Access to Schools
This should be a priority especially for families with children. Having the home closer to the school is safer and more convenient for both the families and the kids.

#7 Elements of Nature
A good neighborhood should have a lot of trees and plants surrounding the place. This shows that the estate cares about the environment and it also provides natural fresh air to the residents.

#8 Outdoor Activities
There should be spaces available for the residents to enjoy outdoor activities. This means that families will no longer have to spend just to bond with the family outside of the home.

#9 Safety
The home is where the family places belongings and sleeps. Therefore, it should be safe and protected from thieves.

Cagayan de Oro is one of the cities in the Philippines that is becoming more urbanized. More businesses are starting up in the town, opening opportunities for many individuals. It is also the home of many establishments, parks, and activities. Hence, a lot of families from other parts of the country also migrate to what is dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship.

A Brown Company, Inc. is one of the leading real estate firms in Cagayan de Oro where families can find a house and lot for sale. Xavier Estates is our prime real estate development property and it is a neighborhood that possesses all the nine qualities mentioned above.

The property is easily accessible to public transport, establishments, schools, and a hospital. There are also guards situated in the subdivision and protective walls and barriers surround the property.

For families who wish to spend time outside of their home without leaving the neighborhood, the estate has a country club equipped with a 10-pin bowling center, pools for both adults and children, and a convention center with a capacity of 2,000. Come and join the community now at Xavier Estates by A Brown Company, Inc.!

Living in an Old Home vs. a Brand New Home

For a lot of Filipinos, many homes are passed down to families from parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. In these cases, families are saved from the hassles of spending and having to find contractors and architects to build their home.

However, there’s a downside to living in family and ancestral homes. In cases where homes are passed down to later generations, there’s a tendency for other relatives to live in the same house as well. Hence, the home can be filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

While this may sound fun, there are a lot of reasons why living with relatives can be a hassle:

#1 Less Privacy
If the house is large enough to give rooms for each person, then there is a higher chance of privacy. However, if family homes do not have enough rooms, most immediate family members will stay in one room. This doesn’t give privacy to the parents and the children. Individual families also have fewer chances of discussing private matters that should not involve the other occupants in the house.

#2 Arguments and Fights
Living with relatives may also cause certain arguments and fights to arise. This can be caused by different opinions between decisions and other matters between family members. If there are too many children who have cousins living together in the home, they can easily get into fights due to belongings like toys and clothes.

#3 Familiarity Breeds Contempt
The longer people are exposed to certain people, the higher the chances that they get to see the bad attitude of others. This is dangerous, especially with non-immediate family members.

Additionally, living in an old and ancestral home is also a hassle because there is a chance that the house might have parts that are weak and need renovation such as staircases and outer roofs. These, of course, can be easily fixed but when there are more people in the home, then these parts can easily be weathered down no matter how many times they’ve been repaired.

Hence, it is a more optimal choice for families to get their own brand new home.

Here are some of the perks of getting a new home:

#1 Clean
A brand new house is clean and has a lot of new space that you can utilize for items that you plan on having.

#2 You Can Have Your Way
With a new home, you can decide which items go to what area. You can also choose what furniture you want and what colors your items could be. With a new home, you can show your personality in your home and make it more ‘you’!

#3 More Modern
New homes have designs that match current trends.

#4 Fewer Repairs
Since the home has new parts, there is fewer need for repair and maintenance as opposed to new homes. Hence, you can save more money and time!

#5 A Greater Value
If you ever decide in the future to move into a new home or another place, more unique and more modern homes have a higher value. Therefore, you earn more in contrast to selling an old and ancestral house which people would also be less inclined to buy.

The number of families in Cagayan de Oro is growing, that’s why real estate has become a booming business for a lot of companies to provide new and modern homes for these families. One of these is A Brown Company, Inc. We are the developers of Xavier Estates, Xavier Estates Phase V-B, Teakwood Hills, Coral Resort Estates and West Highlands.

Aside from getting a new home, families can also experience our nature-themed and well-planned integrated community. Get your own brand new dream home and check us out for more info. here: http://www.abrown.ph/


The Building Trends of Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is the capital province of Misamis Oriental. It is also considered as the gateway to Mindanao since it is the main economic hub of Northern Mindanao. According to a recent census, CDO is referred to as a 1st class highly urbanized city because of its booming economy and tourism.

Businesses and international investors play a major role in the city’s blossoming infrastructure which leads to the growth of the employment rate. More and more companies are starting to open branch offices, hotels, and real estate projects which offer opportunities for Kagay-anons and its neighboring cities.

The most notable rising developments are the building of new hotels and condominiums. Additionally, in Cagayan de Oro, many real estate firms such as A Brown Company, Inc. offer several modern houses and lots for sale. In line with the modern day trend, they are now also selling condominium units for an urban-kind of lifestyle.

This kind of lifestyle in the city offers both its locals and guests anything but the ordinary. Even better, your status quo doesn’t matter.

When you are a Kagay-anon or someone who has just visited the city for the first time, these places are worth the visit.

Xavier Sports and Country Club
This is located inside the Xavier Estate housing compound and is 15 minutes away from the downtown area. The club is a perfect getaway for guests who are looking for an escape from the bustling city without going out of town. The place is complete with amenities for sports and leisurely activities. In addition, the club has a function room which is a perfect venue for large gatherings such as a company convention, corporate meetings, and even weddings.

Ridgeview Chalets
The chalets are the ideal place for relaxation in a private setting at the heart of the city. Located inside the Xavier Estates compound adjacent to the club, it is a perfect location for spending a quiet vacation without having to leave the city. Enjoy quality time with your family in these quaint and tranquil vacation houses.

Teakwood Hills
This housing property nestles on a hilltop located in Barangay Agusan. It offers a scenic view of the famous Macajalar Bay and the hills of Bukidnon. The place is a perfect venue for nature-themed events. For non-homeowners and visitors who want to visit the place and book an event, visit the A Brown office as reservations and guests are limited.

Ignatius Enclave
This is a new housing project that offers modern designed homes for families who are just starting up. The community is surrounded by homes painted in happy colors, giving a positive and happy environment for homeowners. Experience living in a nature-themed village at the heart of the city! This well-developed community is located uptown, and a certified flood-free area where a family’s safety is the priority.

It is agreeable that Cagayan de Oro is the most livable city in the country – according to the recent recognition given by the national government and private entities. Whenever there’s a chance to spend vacation or escape from the bustling city lifestyle, A Brown Company, Inc. offers nature-themed and family-oriented venues located at the heart of the city. Moreover, the city has a number of destinations and activities to enjoy such as white-water rafting, resorts and garden villages, golf and country clubs, and heritage museums

Indeed, Cagayan de Oro is a one-stop destination for local and international tourists. Are you looking for a place to stay or live? Choose A Brown’s amenities and housing community and experience the feel of home away from home.


Decorating Ideas For Your New Home

When moving to a new house or a rented apartment, the first thing that every homeowner will have in mind is to decide on the interior design. In addition, the moving process deals with a lot of intensive work from unpacking boxes and moving the furniture.

A lot of Filipino Homeowners are attached to materials that they own due to their sentimental value. In addition, most Filipino practice “Pamana”, a tradition where elders give material belongings to the next generations. In some cases, elders give their homes especially to newly married couples.

Today, there are real estate firms that offer houses for sale specifically in Cagayan de Oro which are provided with basic amenities for every homeowner. This means less renovations and decorating for them. One of the essential choice of housing firm – A Brown Company, Inc. builds fully furnished houses and box-type row houses that suffice every buyer’s needs.

To redecorate these homes, here are simple tips:

1. Check home measurement
When buying a house, it is important to know the measurement of the house including the allocated lot area. This is for the homeowners to have a prospect on how many bedrooms will accommodate a family of 4 or 6, how the area will be divided for an additional office counter or service area, and all other considerations.

Once the right measurement is achieved, decide what type of interior decorating will be used and set a date for the actual decorating.

2. Consider hiring an expert
When a homeowner has no ability to decorate or has few resources, consider hiring an interior designer or an architect. These experts can help in designing the house interiors and they have a team to do the decorating for them.

3. Start painting the walls and do initial interiors
Prior to moving all the furniture and boxed items to the new house, start painting the walls with a basic color. Using a basic paint color on the walls will give the house a new, elegant and clean look. Once the painting is done, it will be the perfect time to start building the rooms and other portions of the house. Lastly, decide on what paint color to use in every part of the house when its interiors are about 80% percent fully furnished.

4. Practice the art of minimalism
The best way to practice minimalism especially for the new homeowners is to declutter. Start sorting out the furniture and other materials needed.

To become a minimalist homeowner, it is better to start decluttering before the moving in to avoid the hassle of transfer and lesser chaos. Here are some tips on how to declutter or practice minimalism.

1. Donate clothes to charity or hand it over to a sibling or a relative. For example, baby clothes or clothes that you no longer use but are still wearable.

2. Have a Garage or Yard Sale.

3. Convert conventional materials into something sustainable. For example, empty mason jars can be converted into a vase or for storing food produce.

4. Assess personal possessions such as shoes, cosmetics, kids toys, and others. Decide on what to keep and what to give or donate.

5. Keep track of the daily routines at home like who’s doing the dishes, watch TV during weekends only, carwash and other chores.

6. Make an effective storage
When moving to your new home, start planning how and where the storage will be set up and installed. Living small does not necessarily limit the homeowner’s storage. It is important to know that an effective storage is sustainable and a space saver.

Here are kinds of storage ideas for homes with small space.
1. Vertical Storage through walls and doors.
2. Stagger shelves for books, entryway, and bathroom materials.
3. Open storage or fewer doors to clear up floor space.
4. For a 2-floor house, use the space under the stairs as bookshelves or as utility storage.

Ultimately, the interior design of your home should reflect your personality as a homeowner. While these tips will help you decide what to do and what not to do, your decision as the homeowner is what matters the most!


Why is Property Insurance Important for Homeowners?

The Philippine real estate industry has been evolving over the years, helping raise the country’s economy despite of inflation due to the new tax laws. However, from time to time the country encounters natural disasters caused by typhoons and earthquakes which makes its infrastructures more susceptible to damages.

Many Filipino homeowners think that getting property insurance is an added expense, especially when buying a house. However, getting an insurance will help prepare the homeowners from inevitable calamities as they get immediate assistance in case rebuilding is needed.

Most of the infrastructures in the country such as commercial buildings and houses are not covered by property insurance. However, there are different types of insurance packages offered by prominent insurance companies in the country. The most common type of insurance is for fire-related incidents.

What are the kinds of insurance to choose from and what are the different coverages? Below is the information that most insurance companies include in the packages:

Basic and Standard Insurance Policy
This is a common insurance policy provided by companies to homeowners and business owners. This covers protection of the house from fire or damage of property. Other insurance companies include select contents of the house that have a high appreciation value within a five-year contract.

This policy has limited benefits as it does not include the protection from natural causes or natural calamities. Most homeowners will choose this as it is one of the requirements when applying for a house mortgage. Also, housing firms and the government can only provide or include this kind of insurance because it is mostly affordable.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
This type of insurance policy includes added benefits that will protect the house and its properties from damages caused by fire, lightning and other natural causes such as typhoons and earthquake.

Homeowners do not usually acquire this kind of policy since it can be quite expensive. However, they strongly believe that it is not necessary for the added benefits. Also, a lot of Filipinos are incapable of paying additional fees due to job instability and social security. Nonetheless, homeowners are given the freedom to change or add insurance policies when buying properties or a house.

How to avail for an insurance policy for your home?
When buying a house or a property, always inquire for an inclusion of insurance. This is to make sure that the house you are buying is covered and protected.

In Cagayan de Oro, all real estate businesses that are selling properties are required to include insurance for the buyers to acquire. Thus, at A Brown Company Inc. we have partnered with banks and insurance companies to give the buyers optimal choices of benefits and policies that are right for their budget and need.

Why is home and property insurance important?
The Philippines is an archipelago and is one of the most tropical countries in Southeast Asia and the world. Annually, the country experiences typhoons and other natural causes that mostly result in a major disaster. Many Filipino homes are vulnerable to these causes and without protection, it will be difficult to finance the rehabilitation and restoration of the damaged homes.

The national and local government agencies have allocated calamity funds for natural disasters. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are provided nor accounted to receive one. This is where insurance companies come in. They offer insurance policies that have basic and comprehensive benefits to cover the necessary funds by the time a homeowner needs it the most.

What’s in store?
There are a lot of insurance companies that are offering better policies for homeowners. Getting a property and home insurance is important. It will not only protect the house but also the welfare and future of homeowners.

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