Finding the Perfect Abode

When looking for a place to live, you put in a lot of factors. For instance, its accessibility; is it near the kids’ school, near a mall, near a hospital or whatnot. We all want a living space that makes us feel safe and secure.

Just recently Cagayan de Oro has received a lot of notice as it continues to grow and tourists continue to flood in and out of the city. Some people have even decided that living here is such a great idea.

Cagayan de Oro has malls, hospitals, restaurants, police stations, and other necessities a citizen would need to feel that a city is safe. Of course, people won’t decide to settle down here if it didn’t have any of those facilities at all.

So, if you really are looking for real estate in Cagayan de Oro, go look us up, A Brown Company. If you feel that Cagayan de Oro is the right city for you, then of course you will need the right house as well.

We will help you look for just that. We won’t stop helping you look until you truly are satisfied with the real estate of your choice.

Our company’s vision is to work towards enlightened and happier communities for the common good. Specifically to our customers in real estate, we would like to make their dreams come true for happier families.

One subdivision project that we have and are very proud of is Xavier Estates. It’s known as one of the best Class A residential subdivisions in Northern Mindanao.

Situated on a plateau overlooking Cagayan de Oro City, Xavier Estates has a beautiful nature-themed setting.

The subdivision is reputed to have great living conditions, with a centralized water system and tight security. Xavier Estates also offers many recreational activities for the residents to do like swimming or bowling at the Xavier Sports & Country Club.

A Brown Company provides one of the best services for real estate in Cagayan de Oro. We started operations in this city in 1994, and have had plenty of customers whom so far have been satisfied with our services.

We help you plan out your lives when it comes to housing since part of a human’s basic needs is shelter after all. With us you will be able to find what suits you, a house where you and your family will stay happy for as long as you allow it.

To know more about A Brown Co. Inc., please visit


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