When Choosing A House, Beware Of These Common Mistakes

Growing up happens to everyone. For one moment you can enjoy playing around your parents’ house and before you even know it you are packing your stuff because you are moving into your own place.

We can not stop ourselves from growing up and wanting to live away from our parents. Some young adults will eventually feel like they need to move out. Although some parents may feel differently and might even suggest you start a family in the same house they started theirs.

Extended families are very common in the Philippines, but you might agree when I say that you want independence. You want to make your own decisions now. It is not that you do not love your parents, you just want to give them a break from always having to look after you.

One of the ways you can assure your parents you are ready to live independently is by making the right choice in selecting a house. There are a lot of available real estate here in Cagayan de Oro, but not all of them can convince your parents that you are safe and secure without them.

Making a good decision in buying a house or real estate will allow your parents to be more open to you living apart from them. So to help you, here are some common mistakes you should avoid when you go looking for a house:

* You are too closed-minded when it comes to the options presented to you. When you find the first house that meets your standards you might automatically think that “this is the one” without even looking at how much it costs. The truth is there might be so many other houses that fit your standards and might be even better. Additionally, it might also be at a better price. Do not limit yourself to a couple of options, feel free to have as many choices as you can and take your time in narrowing down your decision. It can take a lot of effort, but at least it will all be worth it.

* When you find yourself in a situation where you think you found a house that is close to “perfect”, please do not overlook certain potential flaws. Some of these flaws can include being expensive, or the location being unfavorable to you. You might regret committing to it when in the near future another better house comes up for sale. Always think twice before you totally commit, any decision you are not undeniably and completely comfortable with will eventually led to unhappiness.

* Since real estate is a rather busy business you might be tempted to immediately take an offer, which is of course not good. Choosing a house is a very big decision that requires you to take your time and a lot of consideration until you make a final choice. If someone else buys the house that you like, take it as a blessing in disguise because it might not have been the right one for you. To test if you made the right decision, just go to sleep. If you sleep peacefully and wake up the next morning feeling great and rested, you made the right decision. However, if you find yourself being uneasy and unable to sleep, it means you are still thinking twice and you should probably find a better house.

The decision you make on a house may determine how the next few years without your parents will turn out. Will you be happy in your new house and start your own family, or will you be moving back to your parents’ house because you were not?

If you need help heading to the right decision in choosing a house you will be happy in, we can provide assistance at A Brown Company. You can contact us and get a hold of one of our staff by visiting our website at www.abrown.ph or call or text us at 0917-793-8785.


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