The Four Benefits of Owning A Home!

Cagayan de Oro may be small compared to other cities like Metro Manila, but it’s nonetheless still one of the most must-visit cities in the Philippines. Some people even fall in love with it so much that they want to start a new life and live in this beautiful place.

In fact, we (the locals) and people from outside Cagayan de Oro are out looking for good houses and lots for sale that we can call our own. Moreover, as we mature and grow older, we may feel like we need our own space, especially when we get married and this city is a good place to start.

Undoubtedly, a lot of us dream of buying our own homes, but we also think it’s quite a big and scary step to take. However, we can get rid of our fear if we’re really determined and willing to learn how to make the right decisions when selecting a house.

There are even a few benefits to having our own homes, and here are some of them:

  • There’s a sense of pride that comes along with owning a house. Remember that buying a house is one of the experiences in life that gives people a lot of pressure that they need to overcome. There’s also something called “pride of ownership”, which means we can do anything we want in our homes, as long as it’s legal of course. We can paint our walls, install permanent fixtures, decorate all we like, etc. It’s our home, so we do what we want with it!
  • Owning a home can give us a sense of security, independence and privacy. We often can’t feel as much of these three when renting an apartment where our neighbors are just a wall away. It’s the same when we’re living under the same roof with other family members, which is commonly called “extended families” in the Filipino culture. Our own home is the best place to start and raise a family without any other distractions. We can even pass our home down to our children when their time comes.
  • Residential real estate prices can go up and down, but fortunately, it mostly goes up! This makes owning a home a form of a good investment. If ever we decide on moving to a new place and we need money, we can always sell our homes for a good price. We can even sell them for so much more than we bought them in the first place if we keep our homes well-maintained.
  • Homeowners experience the privilege of tax deductions. These deductions can partially reduce the actual cost of owning a home. Unfortunately, we can’t have these deductions when we’re renting.

You can probably think of more benefits of owning a home since there are actually so many. In general though, it’s always nice to have something you can call your own, especially if it’s your own house!

To help you choose the right house for you, let A Brown Company, Inc. assist you. They are experts because they are the leading real estate developer in Northern Mindanao.


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