Being at Home in Ventura Residences

More Than a House

As Cagayan de Oro real estate developers, we have always been dedicated to building more than just houses, we aim to develop homes for families. Houses are just simple infrastructures built for the purpose of providing shelter, but homes are so much more.

A home is a place where families are able to live comfortably and look forward to resting and relaxing after a long day at work or school. It is also a place where families are able to create good memories with each other, a place that just simply allows people to feel like they undeniably belong there.

After all, they do say that “home is where the heart is” simply because homes have emotional attachments while houses are basically just buildings. In order for a family to feel that way about a home, the house has to be built according to high quality standards.

This is of course to ensure that the residents of the said house feel safe and happy with where they are living. For even if houses have families living in them, they might not fully be considered a home if none of them feel secure and comfortable.

We built our houses around that concept of letting those residents feel those positive feelings and more. For that reason too, we put effort into not just creating a great home, but a great subdivision too!

More within Xavier Estates

Our most popular residential subdivision project Xavier Estates is most probably our best example of a secured subdivision with a friendly environment. There is actually more to Xavier Estates than just that because within this subdivision is yet another subdivision!

We can probably consider this subdivision to be a “mini” version of Xavier Estates as it allows residents to indulge in all of its amenities. The houses in this subdivision are more affordable than the ones found in Xavier Estates, making them more accessible to a wider variety of budget ranges.

This subdivision goes by the name of Ventura Residences, and is located inside Phase 5A of Xavier Estates, Masterson Avenue, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City. Apart from its affordability, there are a good number of other benefits Ventura Residences offers, and here are some of them:

Ideal for Starter Families. Ventura Residences houses are a great choice for newlywed couples itching to move out of their parents’ homes and find one of their own. This subdivision offers an ideal environment for couples to start their families and raise their children. Of course, we are not limiting vacancies to just starter families. If people see the houses for themselves and wish to make a purchase, then they are free to do so! The houses are just more ideal for starter families, but different kinds of people are free to purchase a house from here if they feel it is meant for them.

It is in an Accessible Location. Residents do not have to drive very far to bring their children from school or to purchase a few things in the last minute. Ventura Residences is only three minutes away from schools like Xavier High School and Corpus Christi, where the kids can be enrolled to study there. In regards to groceries or buying food and other household items, it will only take residents a matter of two minutes to reach SM City Mall. There are also a good number of commercial establishments uptown where residents can find jobs nearby home. Having to drive downtown is not always necessary!

It is flood-free. Cagayan de Oro residents have been more conscious about flood prone areas ever since the unfortunate tragedy of Sendong, and would most preferably live somewhere safe and flood-free. Since Ventura Residences is located uptown within Xavier Estates, it is too high to be prone to floods! In fact, Ventura Residences is flood-free, so residents can sleep soundly during heavy rains.

Your Own Ventura Residence

For those interested in being a resident of Ventura Residence by purchasing a house, you can contact us at A Brown Company. All our contact details can be viewed on our website

Know what it is like to live in a home that is built just for you, is accessible, and flood-free!


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