A Peek at What Is in Teakwood Hills

The City of Golden Friendship

Popular for its white water rafting and nature activities in Macahambus Cave, Cagayan de Oro has always had this bright golden shine. Its friendly and hospitable residents are also the type of people one would like to meet, being the main reason why it is called the City of Golden Friendship!

Aside from all the tourist spots and amiable residents though, Cagayan de Oro also has a flourishing business and property development sector. There are malls, restaurants, nightlife activities, and hotels for visitors and residents alike to enjoy.

With all the charm it has, the city of Cagayan de Oro has garnered a considerable amount of attention from people outside of the city. Sometimes this charm has even pulled people to moving into the city and starting a life there.

Fortunately, the city is home to a good number of quality residential subdivisions to accommodate its continuously growing population. Our company has even developed four subdivisions in this city, namely Xavier Estates, Ventura Residences, Teakwood Hills and St. Therese Subdivision.

We have always built our subdivisions and houses with the mindset of providing residents with quality living, where they can feel safe and comfortable. After all, shelter or housing is a basic need for all of us.

Hilltop Living in Cagayan de Oro

As mentioned earlier, we have developed four residential subdivisions in Cagayan de Oro City, so let us get to know one of these said real estate projects: Teakwood Hills.

For starters, one can find Teakwood Hills in Barangay Agusan. Anyone interested in seeing the place firsthand can drop by that barangay and pay a visit. The locals would be more than happy to help out people looking for the place!

Teakwood Hills was inaugurated in September 2007, and was built almost similarly to our first and most popular real estate project, Xavier Estates. In fact, residents of Cagayan de Oro have taken to dubbing it the “Eastside Xavier Estates”, since it is built on the Eastern side of the city.

While Teakwood Hills and Xavier Estates are similar in a lot of ways, it is only Teakwood Hills where one can find a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains. As it is situated on a hilltop that is 220 meters above sea level where residents and guests can witness the gorgeous view of Bukidnon’s hills and Macajalar Bay.

In addition, Teakwood Hills has great amenities for residents and guests to enjoy their long-term (or short term for guests) stay at the subdivision even more! These amenities include the following:

  • Infinity Pool. Cool off on warm summer days by taking a dip in the Infinity Pool! It is called an Infinity Pool because it gives that illusion of having no end, meaning it looks as if it just goes on and on. By building the pool this way we believe we were able to make the most out of the beautiful view. This means that residents and guests will not only enjoy a good swim, but they can fully appreciate the view as well!
  • Basketball Court. Feel like shooting some hoops with family and friends? Then feel free to head over to the subdivision’s very own Basketball Court! Experience a great, interactive workout by having a simple ball game with other residents. One can even invite their own friends for twice the fun!
  • Clubhouse. Basketball and swimming are not the only recreational activities one can do in Teakwood Hills, because its clubhouse holds more activities to do!

Cagayan de Oro Properties

Interested in building or owning a house in Teakwood Hills or in other high quality residential subdivisions in Cagayan de Oro? Then contact us at A Brown Company by giving us a call at +63 88 851-5873!

One can even find a few pictures of our properties by visiting our website at www.abrown.ph. Experience quality living with us!


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