What Is in Initao and the Caraga Region?

Doing More for Quality Housing

People need a roof to sleep under, walls to protect them, and a place they are comfortable staying in. To sum it all up, people need homes where they feel the safest and where they can always return to and relax after a long day at work or school.

A home is a human being’s basic needs, so it makes sense that people would often look for homes that can provide them with the shelter and the protection they need. These quality homes would often have to be sturdy, be located in a safe place, have enough room to accommodate a certain number of family members, etc.

Our company is quite familiar with these housing needs, and we always aim to provide people with these needs in the houses that we build. That is one of the reasons why our Cagayan de Oro properties and projects are built the way that they are, with top quality standards.

All our residential subdivision projects in this city namely Xavier Estates, Teakwood Hills and Ventura Residences are built with quality living in mind. We wanted to provide residents with the option to live somewhere that is safe, accessible and within a community, where they can feel at peace and have no worries.

Our projects have so far been successful and made a good number of residents in Cagayan de Oro happy, so we decided to do more for quality housing. We proceeded to expanding our horizons, and bringing our projects to and building new ones in other cities in Mindanao.

Going Further than Cagayan de Oro

If we were able to provide beautiful and high quality houses in Cagayan de Oro, then we should do the same to other cities in Mindanao. That is among one of the many ideas that kept us going, and pushed us into building more subdivisions and homes even outside the Northern Mindanao capital city.

In our endeavors we were able to build residential subdivisions in Bukidnon, Initao, and we even went as far as the Caraga Region. Each of these subdivisions was built with the same high standard protocols as our projects in Cagayan de Oro.

To prevent them from being too exactly the same though, we added a few unique traits to each subdivision. Two of what may be considered as our most distinct projects can be located at Initao and the Caraga Region.

What are these two said projects? Here they are!

  • Coral Resort Estates is our Initao project specifically located in Barangay Pagahan, and is probably one of our projects that stands out the most. This is because Coral Resort Estates is not just a residential subdivision, but a resort as well! In fact, it is the first residential resort in Northern Mindanao. With its home designs following the Balinese architectural style paired with wide verandas, the homes in this subdivision make a great complement to nature and the surrounding environment. You can say it is one of the perfect places to own a summer house, where you and your family can enjoy a relaxing vacation outside of Cagayan de Oro. Since it is a typical of a resort, Coral Resort Estates does have amenities similar to the typical resort such as a meditation garden, an aquasports area, diving area, infinity pool, and more!
  • West Highlands is not only our out-of-Cagayan de Oro project, but our out-of-Misamis Oriental project too! Located in the Caraga Region in Butuan City, West Highlands also provides more than just quality houses and amenities for its residents and guests. What is its unique feature? West Highlands is a huge subdivision, and that is because it is beside a of its 9-hole golf course! This subdivision is another first for the Caraga Region, as there are no other golf and residential estates like this one. Due to its lush, green golf course, it is probably needless to say that West Highlands is the ideal residential area for those who enjoy a game of golf. Additionally, West Highlands is located atop a property that is 289 feet above sea level, ensuring that the place is flood free.

Live in a Resort or a Golf Estate!

We can help you build your own resort or golf estate home here at A Brown Company. All you have to do is give us a call at +63 88 851-5873 or check out our other contact details on our website www.abrown.ph!

You can also find out more about Coral Resort Estates, West Highlands, and all our other projects on our website. Let us know how we can help you, and we will get right to work!


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