A Summer Home for the Ultimate Rest and Relaxation

Nothing Like Home

After a long day at work or school, there is always this one place people return to for rest, comfort, and security. This place is none other than their own homes, where they spend quality time with their families, invite friends over to hangout, and get the rest they deserve after working hard.

Since a home is supposed to evoke such feelings of belongingness and comfort, people are always on the lookout for one that is just perfect for them. Apart from being the right size and being in the right location, a home should essentially help the family feel like they belong nowhere else but there.

Fortunately, Northern Mindanao has developed so much that there are plenty of homes to choose from. This is especially true for the real estate community in Cagayan de Oro, which has been providing quality housing to residents in the city.

Our real estate company has developed three high-end residential subdivisions here in Cagayan de Oro, namely Xavier Estates, Teakwood Hills and Ventura Residences. Seeing that our projects have been doing well in this city, we decided to do more projects in other places in Northern Mindanao.

A Home Away from Home

Every now and then, people get the urge to venture out of their homes and explore other relaxing places. They often get out of the city in search for nice beaches or resorts where they can breathe the fresh sea air and take a dip in cool waters.

It is always nice to get a little change of scenery every now and then and it is also good for a person’s health. In fact, to make things even more relaxing, one can even enjoy a vacation at his own home away from home.

Having a summer or vacation home takes the stress of having to worry over booking a room in a resort away. This is mainly because one can just head over there any time he wants and stay for as long as he likes.

With that in mind, our company has built a great place for one to build or purchase his own summer home called Coral Resort Estates. Located in Barangay Pagahan in Initao, Coral Resort Estates is actually the first ever residential resort in the whole of Northern Mindanao!

Here, homeowners and their families can relax at their very own home and enjoy several resort amenities as well! Here are some examples of these said resort amenities:

  • Homeowners can entertain their guests at Coral Resort Estates’ own Clubhouse where one can find a beautiful open lounge, function halls, and a restaurant that serves delicious food. Sit back, chill, and chitchat with guests while the children go out and explore the resort estate! Pair this luxurious clubhouse with a beautiful view of the bay that is right in front of this residential resort and you can have the perfect summer vacation.
  • Some homeowners may love the sea so much that they might even have their own private boat, yacht, Jet Ski, or any other form of water transportation. For those who own such vehicles, the Floating Jetty is their place.

Your Own Summer Home

Own a summer home at Coral Resort Estates and have the benefit of an Initao getaway anytime you want! Contact us at A Brown Company through +63 88 851-5873 to inquire about the available lots and properties we have at our residential resort.

For more information and pictures of Coral Resort Estates and our other residential subdivision projects, head over to our website www.abrown.ph!


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