A Beautiful Home in Teakwood Hills, Cagayan de Oro

A Life in Cagayan de Oro

The Philippines is abundant with beautiful cities to choose from in regards to settling down and living there for an extended period of time. One of these said cities is Cagayan de Oro, a busy metropolis that grew from a small and quiet town located in Northern Mindanao.

Residents who have lived in the city for quite a long time can attest to how much it has changed since then. Now, there are more business establishments, more hotels and malls, and more house and lots for sale here in Cagayan de Oro.

Since the city has grown so much over the years, it has earned the title of being the capital city of the Misamis Oriental province. This has made Cagayan de Oro one the most viable locations for people to settle down and become a resident of this city, or a Kagay-Anon.

There is always an opportunity for people to find a home in this city, as there are a good number of top quality residential subdivision projects here. This is because real estate development companies like us are often busy building enough quality homes for the growing population of Cagayan de Oro.

In our company alone, we have developed several residential subdivisions in the city’s uptown areas such as Upper Balulang and Barangay Agusan. This is to ensure our properties and the residents living there are safe from floods that come with heavy rains.

What Is in Barangay Agusan?

Most of you might be more familiar with our residential subdivision project in Upper Balulang, Xavier Estates, but what about the one we have in Barangay Agusan?

This project is known as the Xavier Estates of the east, as it was built to provide the same quality amenities, properties, and houses. Located on a hilltop that is 220 meters above sea level, this subdivision also has a wonderful view of Macajalar Bay and Bukidnon’s hills.

This residential subdivision is known by the name Teakwood Hills, which has lots for sale that range from 250 to 360 square meters. It is a great place for starting a residence that is just as peaceful and quiet as Xavier Estates in Upper Balulang!

Like all our other residential subdivision projects, Teakwood Hills is also equipped with modern amenities to ensure residents have the quality living they deserve. This subdivision is even said to have the best of two-worlds, being a place that is affordable and exclusive, and both country and metropolitan-like.

A few of the amenities you can find and enjoy in Teakwood Hills are as follows:

  • Parks and playgrounds. Parents can be assured that their children can have clean, safe fun in Teakwood Hills’ parks and playgrounds. Let them have fun and meet other kids to make friends and play with in the playgrounds while you can go for a walk in the park with your spouse. You can also gather your family and friends for a picnic in the park, maybe you’d even want to invite some of your Teakwood Hills neighbors with you. That way, you can have even more fun and form a great community with your fellow residents!
  • Guarded gated community. You can enjoy an early morning jog or a late night walk without any worries. Additionally, not just anyone is allowed inside Teakwood Hills. We make sure that any guests entering Teakwood Hills have been invited or authorized by a resident.
  • Infinity pool. At Teakwood Hills you will not only enjoy a swim, but you will also be able to appreciate the beautiful view that is right in front of our infinity pool! Cool off in our pool during the summer with the view of Macajalar Bay and Bukidnon’s hills looking as if they are just within your reach!

A Life in Teakwood Hills

Interested in knowing firsthand what it is like to live in a residential subdivision like Teakwood Hills? You can contact us at A Brown Company for more information on vacant lots by calling this number: +63 88 851-5873 or visiting our website: www.abrown.ph.

Experience the east side Xavier Estates, check out Teakwood Hills!


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