Uptown Living at Cagayan de Oro’s Xavier Estates

A Better Home at a Better Location

When a person searches for a home, a lot of considerations come into mind, considerations that mold an image of a perfect home. Some of the many factors that would form that perfect home is its ideal size, desired design, and a suitable location.

While a house’s size and design can be adjusted according to the owner’s needs and taste, it is the location that is a little hard to manipulate. This is especially true when the house has already been bought or built because one cannot simply uproot it and transfer it somewhere else.

This is why homeowners have to be careful about choosing the location of the house or property they want to live in. Fortunately, in Cagayan de Oro there are a good number of properties situated in a variety of locations that can be appropriate for the needs of different homeowners.

Some of these ideal locations are found in uptown Cagayan de Oro, where it is safe from floods and quite far from the noise and hustle of the city. This uptown location is ideal for people seeking a place that is nice and quiet, but still not too far away from different business establishments.

Settling in an Uptown Home

These said uptown properties and homes can often be found in the several residential subdivisions built and developed there. Among these residential subdivisions is our very own Xavier Estates, located in Masterson Avenue, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City.

Xavier Estates is one of the most well-known residential subdivisions in this city, and is even considered to be the most successful A-Class subdivisions in Northern Mindanao. Apart from its classy layout, this residential subdivision also has a beautiful overlooking view of Cagayan de Oro city as it is situated on a panoramic plateau.

Most residents in Cagayan de Oro are quite familiar with Xavier Estates and where it is, so it is not at all hard to find. In fact, it is only a short drive from SM, the city’s uptown mall and a commonly used landmark for determining how close one is from Xavier Estates.

This residential subdivision is also widely popular for the amenities and facilities it provides its residents, which include the following and more:

  • A clubhouse for residents and their guests. Among the amenities and facilities Xavier Estates provides, this is probably where it gets most of its popularity from. The Xavier Sports and Country Club is known as Mindanao’s most modern and biggest convention, sports and country club facility. Here, residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, tennis, bowling, billiards and darts. As for convention rooms, the club has a board room, functions, a party room, a bar lounge, and a convention hall which can accommodate 1,800 people.
  • Forest parks and a bird sanctuary. There are plenty of other activities everyone can enjoy that are not just located in the Xavier Sports and Country Club. Xavier Estates has its own forest park and bird sanctuary for every one of all ages to enjoy. The forest park and bird sanctuary is great for doing something similar to a nature walk with family and friends. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful and lush greenery, whilst checking out the different species of birds we have in our bird sanctuary.
  • Ridgeview Chalets for guests. Xavier Estates has a 42-room Ridgeview Chalets situated nearby the pool for guests who want to stay in the subdivision only for a few days. Guests enjoy the hotel amenities here.

Making Xavier Estates Your Home

For more details on Xavier Estates or on our other projects at A Brown Company, you can visit our website at www.abrown.ph. To speak directly to one of our representatives, you can also reach us through this number: +63 88 851-5873.

Consider making Xavier Estates your home, and discover more amenities you can your family can enjoy!


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