Starting a Family in the Right Kind of House

Letting Go

Parents cannot stop their children from growing up, in fact, good parents would encourage and help their child grow into a fine gentleman or lady. The time will then come when they have to “move on” from their parents and start a life of their own.

It is during this of time when children are no longer children, as they have become adults ready to face the world on their own. It is not always an easy period for parents when they have to let go of their little boy or girl.

However, these types of moments also make parents become proud of how they have raised their now young gentleman or lady. Their children are now able to make their own decisions, fend for themselves, and live independently from them.

Then the time will come when this young man or woman meet someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They seal the deal and get married, and now they are thinking of finding their own home to call their own.

As much as a parent would want the newlywed couple to continue living with them as part of the extended family Filipino tradition, they have to let go. Parents want nothing more but for the new couple to have a comfy new home, and thankfully they do not have to worry too much about that.

Homes for Starter Families

Our company has been known for building and developing Xavier Estates and Teakwood Hills, residential subdivisions that are widely popular for their high-end houses. While most of the houses found here may be too big for families just starting out, we do have an alternative that may suit them better.

Ventura Residences is our latest real estate project in Cagayan de Oro. It is a house and lot package designed specifically to meet the needs of starter families.

Those who are already familiar with Xavier Estates and its location will have little to no problems finding Ventura Residences. This is because this residential subdivision is located just within the former mentioned subdivision, in Phase 5A.

The lots in Ventura Residences range from 110-198 square meters, enough for a comfy starter family house. To add, here are a couple of benefits residents in Ventura Residences can enjoy:

  • Accessibility. Even with its uptown location, Ventura Residences is still quite accessible to nearby schools and establishments. In fact, it is only three minutes away from prestigious schools like Xavier High School and Corpus Christi. It is also only two minutes away from SM City Mall where residents can hang out with friends and family during their free time.
  • Xavier Estates amenities. Since Ventura Residences is located just within Xavier Estates, residences in the former mentioned subdivision can also enjoy amenities of the latter. These amenities include the following:
    ○Strict 24-hour security
    ○A bird sanctuary and forest parks
    ○8-inch thick and 20-meter wide cemented road network suitable for large vehicles
    ○Paths for jogging and cycling
    ○Beautiful tree-lined and landscaped roadway
    ○Playgrounds and parks for the enjoyment of children
    ○High pressure sodium streetlamps
    ○Centralized water supply and system
    ○Telecommunication facilities

Live in a Subdivision within a Subdivision

Start your own family in your own home, a home, made especially for starter families! Contact us at A Brown Company by calling us at +63 88 851-5873 for help in finding the right home in Ventura Residences.

You can also check out our other residential estate development projects by visiting our website:!


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