Living Anew at a Home in Valencia Estates

Living Anew at a Home in Valencia Estates

Building More than Houses

A shelter or having a house is one of the most important human basic needs apart from food, water, and others. People need shelter in order to keep them protected from the weather and other harmful elements that come with being in the open too long.

However, for a person to feel fully protected and at ease in his own house, it has to be more than just a house. After all, houses are simply just buildings made out of concrete and a variety of other materials.

Yes, they provide the protection people need but is that really all there is to it? Are they really supposed to be a plain, four-walled building? The answer is “no”, because with the right atmosphere and with the right people, a house can be more than just that.

Owning a house is only the first step of a comfortable living, the next step is turning that plain house into a home. The difference of living in a house and living in a home is great, because the latter brings more life and happiness to something that was just a plain building.

At our company we build our properties in Cagayan de Oro and in other places in Northern Mindanao. We want to build more than houses, but a place for families to easily call their home.

Turning a House into a Home in Valencia

Cagayan de Oro is not the only place where we have built houses people can call their homes, as mentioned earlier, our projects expand to other places in Northern Mindanao. Included in this list of locations where one can find our projects is Valencia City in Bukidnon.

Valencia is one of the popular cities in Bukidnon that is home to a good number of tourist attractions such as, the well-known Lake Apo, Crater Lake located in Barangay Guinoyoran, and Kasanayan Cave, found six kilometers from Sitio Tungan-tungan, Barangay San Vicente.

Apart from these tourist spots, Valencia is also known for its fun festivals such as the Valencia City Fiesta, the City Charter Day celebration, and the Panlalawaig Ta Pulangui Festival. Needless to say, Valencia City is a fun place to be in, making it an equally fun and great place to live in.

Fortunately, we have developed a residential subdivision in the wonderful city located in Barangay Lumbo. This said residential subdivision is quite similar to Cagayan de Oro’s own Xavier Estates, providing the same top quality housing, amenities, and environment-friendly surroundings.

This residential subdivision goes by the name of Valencia Estates, and has these following amenities for residents and guests to enjoy:

  • A safely guarded community so residents have nothing to worry about as long as they are inside the subdivision. Security personnel at Valencia Estates are trained properly to keep everyone safe and sound. They do this through thorough inspections of anyone entering the subdivision, especially when that person is not a homeowner. Homeowners who invite guests over are called first upon the arrival of the said guests to ensure safety. With the kind of protection the subdivision provides, residents can casually stroll around the subdivision without having to worry about anything!
  • Valencia Estates is built on a location that is elevated enough where it is safe from floods. In other words, this is a flood-free location as rivers and creeks are considerably far away. Here, there is no need to worry too much about heavy rains. There is also no need to stay up late during evening rain showers to look out for rising waters and potential floods, because these do not happen at Valencia Estates.
  • Children can play and socialize with other children at Valencia Estates’ own parks and playgrounds! Let the kids do what they do best and play outside to their hearts content in a safe community, so parents can breathe easy! The parks are also a great place for older residents to take a simple stroll and relax for a while. During perfect weather, the Valencia Estate parks can also be a wonderful venue for a family picnic!

Blissful View, Live Anew!

Get a firsthand experience of Valencia Estates by contacting us at A Brown Company so we can show you around and find the right home for you there! You can reach us through calling +63 88 851-5873 or finding our other contact numbers on our website

Live in a city that is as wonderful as Valencia!


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