Here Are the Top Reasons Why Living in the Countryside Is a Good Idea

Life has become much easier and more convenient with the advent of technology and modernization. However, we cannot also deny the fact that it has some ill effects to our environment.

For instance, the increasing need for the production of metals, plastic, oil, rubber, and the like contributes a lot to both air and water pollution. In addition, industrialization and even overpopulation can produce excessive noise, which is no longer tolerable as it becomes destructive, thus contributing to problems concerning noise pollution.

We oftentimes experience all these when we live in big cities. These are a few of the many reasons why some people do not prefer living in urban areas, instead, they build their homes in the countryside where they can relax, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy life even more.

To further emphasize this point, here are top 3 reasons why many people choose to live in the countryside:

Simplicity and Camaraderie

Life away from the city is much simpler, less demanding, and less stressful. As you might have noticed if you have ever been to the countryside, there are no high-end malls or fancy restaurants where the “who’s who” in the area are expected to go. Fashion is also limited to what is proper and just appropriate for the occasion.

Most importantly, people are friendly and respectful. In addition, due to the comparably smaller population, everyone tends to know each other, thus giving more room for establishing good relationships.

Lower Cost of Living

This is one of the great benefits that you’ll enjoy when choosing to live in a rural area. As mentioned earlier, life is simple, hence people do not need to spend much for their daily needs. One good example is the cost of electricity; you don’t need to have your air-conditioned units turned on 24 hours a day as the area is much cooler compared to the city. This means big savings on your part.

Fresh Air and Fresh Food

There are no big business establishments and factories in the area, so you can enjoy fresh air when you live far from big cities. This is highly beneficial to maintaining your good health. Plus, the fact that freshly harvested or freshly caught food is abundant in the countryside, you’ll also have the privilege of taking in fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, and even meat.

Quiet and Peaceful

Since there are no venues for people to hang out or party 24/7, you can expect that before the clock strikes at 12 midnight or even earlier, people are already sleeping soundly in their homes. This would mean that you can enjoy the serenity of the place, and sleep well too.

It is also rare to see drunk men going around the area late at night, and there are fewer incidences of crime. In fact, the crime rate in the countryside is much lower compared to those of big cities.

In the Philippines, you can find many potential areas in the provinces where you can build your home and have a great life with your family. A good example would be Valencia City in the province of Bukidnon.

Although it is called a city, it is still very much a beautiful countryside location that boasts of its progressive economic life as well as its lovely homes. One of its pride is a high-end housing subdivision named Valencia Estates.

Valencia Estates is the ideal place for you and your family as it offers a lot area that ranges from 150 to 450 sqm. with excellent amenities. Since it is a guarded gated subdivision, you are assured of safety and security around the clock.

What is best about it is, its owner and developer A Brown Company is a reputable provider of top quality Cagayan de Oro real estate. If you want to see more of their housing offers, you can visit their website at


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