Living near the Beach Gives You Great Benefits

People generally love the beach. This is evident everywhere we go, and it is especially true in the Philippines which is home to many great beaches which are frequented not only by locals but also by tourists.

It’s almost like the beach has magical powers that make people happier and draw them closer to it. This may also be one of the reasons why many would love to build their home near the beach or the coast.

To fully understand why you should consider living in your resort home, let us discuss a few of its benefits:

  • It Makes You Healthier and Happier

It is common knowledge that the beach offers health benefits to human beings. In fact, science supports that idea and even offers explanations about why you feel calm while you are at the beach. The explanation is that there’s a part of your brain that is responsible for making you feel so relaxed while you are at the beach. Of course, the fresh air you take in at the beach is definitely good for your body. When you are healthy, you can do all the activities you want and you can have a happy and progressive life.

  • It Helps Relieve Physical Pain and Brings About Positive Emotions

Studies have shown that people who have physical ailments as well as those who are emotionally problematic find comfort when they are at the beach. One reason is that, the sight of the vast ocean gives them hope and strength to fight the challenges that they have at present. Hence, they are able to think well and feel good about themselves.

  • It Enhances Your Skin and Gives You the Opportunity to Enjoy Fresh Seafood

While many believe that the beach isn’t good for those who are not into tanning their skin, the sun provides vitamin D that makes your skin even healthier. Just make sure that you don’t overly expose it to the sun. Moreover, when you live near the beach, you enjoy the opportunity of buying and eating fresh fish and other seafood – or you can even try catching your own seafood!

Knowing all these benefits is reason enough for you to choose to live in a resort home. Fortunately, there are several lovely and safe houses near beautiful beaches that you can purchase.

For instance, A Brown Company has Coral Resort Estates, the first residential resort in Northern Mindanao. It is located at the serene coast of Initao Misamis Oriental. This is a perfect haven for those who prefer resort living.

Coral Resort Estates is also one of their best projects aside from their other top-quality Cagayan de Oro real estate houses for sale. You can see how amazing this resort home and other homes developed by this company are by visiting their website at



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