How Much House You Need: Tips for Buying a House in the Right Size

Before you even start to think about interior design or how you should organize a cleaning plan, you need to get down to the basics. You need to ask the question: how big a house do I need?

Too big is a waste, and too small is a headache. Ideally, your home is a tool for your life. It should improve your standards of living – set up to meet your needs and serve your lifestyle. It should not include more space than you require or have fewer features than you want. Here’s how you can determine if a house can fit your life perfectly:

Assess Your Lifestyle
When figuring out how big or how small of a space you need, you must first assess your lifestyle. Do you like going out or do you prefer to stay at home? Make sure that your space is what you want it to be rather than what others expect of it.

Evaluate Your Priorities
If you do not have the luxury to squeeze out any more time and money, a large home just might stress other aspects of your life. If you do not need too much space, but just enough and just the right size, a house with two bedrooms might be the perfect answer.

Give Regard to Your Hobbies
If you love to cook, look for a house that allows you to. If you love to lounge around the television, a house with a space that will allow you to do that comfortably is the best option. Consider what your hobbies are, and make sure to only consider a house that enables you to do what you love.

Consider Future Needs
While we find comfort in doing routine tasks, what works now might not work for us tomorrow. If you do not have children yet, do you plan on having a family? Do you plan to live in this house for a long time? Carefully assess if a home can cope up with the changes that you might need in the future.


Benefits of Having a “Just-the-Right-Size” House

Avoid Clutter
Nobody likes to live in a house where you always must clean. The right sized home can help control clutter by allowing us to differentiate what we want and what we need, and it also helps us filter the things we surround ourselves with. If you keep in mind the available space you have, it will also prevent you from buying things you do not have the need and space for.

Less Expensive
Compact homes that are simple tend to be less expensive. Monthly utility bills cost less, and you spend less on home maintenance.

Encourage Interaction
The right size house for your family can promote interaction and activity. In homes that are too big, it is easier to be confined in separate corners from your family, whether we intend to or not, and we often become isolated throughout the day. Look for a house which size encourages socializing.

Of course, a one-size-fits-all approach is quite impossible when it comes to how big of a space you need. Every family is different, and everyone’s lifestyle and priorities are incomparable to others, so the best tip to buying a house is to consider what you want and need.

Others may try to sway you away from what you want by voicing out their opinions. Consider them – but remember that you get the last say.

The house you select will be your home. It is where you will go to rejuvenate and to re-energize. It will be your place of serenity and sanctuary. You can look for a house as big or as small there is but remember to buy only as much house as you need.

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